Prussian Kitten:Blue-haired cheerleading Aryan Princess Barbie 

Prussian Kitten

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Welcome Gentlemen and Ladies, my name is Dagmar Fulci but you should call me Prussian Kitten. 
I am a clip4sale Switch Machinima Producer, sadistic phone switch, and new Second Life femdom. I am a 26 year old German-born, Californian raised, pure blooded Aryan Princess barbie into weird and kinky stuff. My heritage is German-Russian-Italian-Spanish-Hungarian-Romanian.I'd attended the University of San Diego and I was a cheerleader. I received a BA in Art History and minor in Medieval and Renaissance studies. Currently, I work part time as a Antiques Dealer and professional switch. By the way, I am not a racist but I enjoy raceplay and Naziplay.

About me

I'm Nietzsche’s SUPER Aryan Fembot. Blue-haired cheerleading Aryan Princess Barbie who loves being a perfect switch at all times.A true calculating switch that maintains a conceited Prussian doll image.

Sneezing/Black booty
Doll Fetish/ Nazi play/wet panties
Fembot/Blond Stepford Wife fetish
Taboo Domination
Extreme Raceplay Roleplay
Findom Gay Bashing
High-end financial domination
Lesbian domination
Cannibalism vore
Barbie Doll bondage and Bukkake.